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The Global Conclave on Plastics Recycling and Sustainability (GCPRS) – a recycling and sustainability focused trade exhibition under the purview of the All India Plastics Manufacturers’ Association (AIPMA) aims to address the critical issues surrounding plastic use, its impact on the environment, and the innovative solutions that can lead to a more sustainable future.

The exhibition is also a platform for showcasing business opportunities, focusing on the latest trends and innovations in plastic recycling and sustainable practices, offers numerous prospects for trade in various sectors.

For the last three decades, AIPMA has been the apex body that unites the sprawling number of Indian plastics manufacturers. Now, it has taken on the mantle of organizing the GCPRS – an international exhibition in India for promoting proven recycling and sustainability practices in the Indian plastics industry.

Currently only 30% of India’s 3.4 million tonnes (MT) of plastic waste is recycled. The opportunity to recover and recycle is obvious.

Sustainable use of plastics in today’s era is concerned with overproduction and use of virgin plastic, disposal of plastics waste, and widespread microplastics pollution on land, in water, and air.

Governments have begun to enforce Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) and plastics packaging taxes, which the plastics recycling industry will find great application for. To align with this state of affairs, GCPRS will be bringing together the entire network of players involved in the plastics recycling industry, from the collection phase to post-consumer phase marking this as an infliction point for the future of plastics as an environment friendly resource for humanity.

The focal point of the exhibition is to showcase innovative recycling technologies, sustainable alternatives such as Biodegradable and compostable plastics, and efficient waste management solutions. The event will serve as a platform for industry leaders, start-ups, and environmental experts to display their latest advancements and share insights on achieving sustainability in the plastics industry. The exhibition brings together a diverse group of stakeholders, including industry leaders, innovators, policy makers, and environmental experts. This provides an excellent opportunity for businesses to network, form collaborations, and gain insights into emerging industry trends.

Apart from the exhibition, the event will also feature International Conference on Circular Economy and Plastics Recycling Technologies. These sessions, led by experts in the field, will cover a range of topics including advancements in biodegradable plastics, the role of circular economy in waste management, and policies impacting plastic use and recycling.

In summary, the AIPMA exhibition on plastics recycling and sustainability is a fertile ground for businesses to grow, innovate, and contribute to a sustainable future while expanding their market presence and forging new partnerships.


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