Global Conclave
on Plastics
Recycling and

Aipma Presents First ever dedicated exhibition on plastic recycling and sustainability in India

Opportunities Business opportunities, latest trends and innovations in plastic recycling and sustainable practices, offering numerous prospects for trade in various sectors.

GCPRS Global leaders in recycling unite for a greener tommorow

India’s biggest players in the plastics recycling and recycling machinery markets will be around. You get to know their tips, tricks, and trade secrets. 

Why Exhibit?

It’s a qualified arena where business visibility is high.

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Why Visit?

The osmosis of technical knowledge and tech is constant.

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International Conference on Circular Economy and Plastics Recycling Technologies.

A Sustainable Future Extended producer responsibility is on the way.

As governments enforce plastics sustainability across the supply chain, recyclers should be ready.

Sustainable alternatives such as biodegradable and compostable plastics, and efficient waste management solutions.

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