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Influential media, entertainment & technology show inspirational speakers including game changing
not just a large-scale conference, but a large educational hub on digital technologies for business,
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How you transform your business as technology, consumer, habits industry dynamic s change? Find out from those leading the charge.

How you transform your business as technology, consumer, habits industry dynamic s change? Find out from those leading the charge.

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How you transform your business as technology, consumer, habits industry dynamic s change? Find out from those leading the charge.


The visitor registration fees for GCPRS 2024 are currently under consideration and have not been finalized. Stay tuned for updates on the official website for the latest information on registration fees and how to secure your spot at this impactful event.

Metro : Nearest station – Pragati Maidan (Blue Line)

Bus : DTC and local buses have routes passing through Pragati Maidan.

Car/Taxi : Use ride-sharing or hire a taxi for direct access.

Train : Nearest major station – New Delhi Railway Station.

Air : Nearest airport – Indira Gandhi International Airport.

To be an exhibitor at GCPRS 2024, visit, navigate to the exhibitor section, and complete the registration form. Submit necessary details, review terms, and await confirmation for an opportunity to showcase your contributions to a sustainable future.

Exhibition space at GCPRS 2024 is available in two options :-

Bare Space : Minimum 24 sq. mtr. at Rs. 11,000/- per sq. mtr.
Shell Scheme : Minimum 12 sq. mtr. at Rs. 12,000/- per sq. mtr.

Yes, discounts are available for GCPRS 2024 exhibitors:

AIPMA Membership Discount : Active members receive a discount of Rs. 1,000/- per sq. mtr.

Early Bird Discount: Register before March 31, 2024, and enjoy a discount of Rs. 500/- per sq. mtr. Special Discounts for MSME Units :
MSME units (12 sq. mtr. stands, subject to availability) receive a discount of Rs. 300/- per sq. mtr. with a valid Udyam Certificate.
Take advantage of these discounts to enhance your participation in this influential event.

GCPRS 2024 invites exhibitors spanning Recycling Machinery Manufacturers, Plastic Recyclers, Bio-polymers Manufacturers, and more. From Innovative Start-ups to Government PWM Implementing Agencies, showcase your role in plastics sustainability. Join us if you’re a part of Plastic Waste Solution Providers, Raw Material Producers, or any entity contributing to a greener future.

Absolutely! GCPRS 2024 welcomes international companies from countries such as China, Russia, USA, Italy, Turkey, UAE, and beyond. Pavilion organizers are also encouraged to participate. Join the global community at GCPRS to contribute to a sustainable future in the field of plastics recycling.

Participating in GCPRS offers global visibility, networking with industry leaders, and a platform to showcase innovations in plastics recycling. Gain valuable insights, explore business opportunities, and enhance brand recognition on the international stage.

GCPRS is organized by AIPMA (All India Plastics Manufacturers’ Association) and CPMA(Chemicals & Petrochemicals Manufacturers Association) with support from the Department of Commerce, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India. The event is backed by reputable organizers committed to advancing the plastics recycling and sustainability agenda.

In addition to organizing events like GCPRS, AIPMA extends environmental services such as assisting with Extended Producers Responsibility (EPR) registration for producers, importers, and brand owners. They also support companies in implementing Operation Clean Sweep (OCS) and provide certification for responsible plastic pellet management to minimize environmental impact.

For further details, please reach out to the following contacts:
Ms. Chetna Bodke: +91 9137855155
Mr. Naresh Kumar: +91 98916 89952
Mr. Prathamesh Rane: +98331 02997
Feel free to contact them for any inquiries or additional information related to GCPRS 2024.